2022 Summer Tech Tips by Tim

Help get your pumps, motors, and electrical equipment through the summer months.

As summer approaches, it is a good time to think about some of the challenges presented by summer heat and humidity. Heat Kills Motors! That’s not totally true, but excess heat does create stress and strain on all manner of electrical and mechanical equipment. Here are some tips to help your equipment through the summer:

  • Clean Motor Cooling Fins – Obstructions and blockage outside the motor keeps heat inside motors. Clean debris, dirt, grime off the outside of motors

  • Motors are designed to remove the heat generated by running the motor. – In TEFC Motors, make sure you feel air flowing around the outside of the cooling fins. If not, check to make sure your cooling fan is intact and on the shaft. On ODP motors, you should feel air moving through the inside of the motor through the ventilation slots provided.

  • Electrical Panels, Switchgear, and panels – Dust and dirt retain heat. When completing electrical PM’s remove dust and debris from gear. Do not block panels as this not only violates electrical code but does not allow heat to dissipate

  • Electronics such as soft starts, VFD’s etc. require ventilation and cooling. Make sure they are not blocked. Also, make sure any air pre-filters are cleaned and not clogged. Inability to cool electronics will burn electronics

  • Pumps – Make sure valves are open when pumps are running. When possible, use VGFD’s to control pump speed rather than “choking” the valve. “Dead Heading” will heat up the water significantly and can burn mechanical seals.

  • Fan Belts – Fans will be working extra as the heat cranks up. Check belts for proper wear, tension, and alignment. Misaligned or over tightened belts are likely to cause premature bearing failures in both fan and motor bearings.

  • Coupling Alignments – Alignment of pump and motor shafts at couplings is critical. Misaligned couplings reduce pump efficiency and shorten bearing life.

Obviously, we are entering the time of year where we rely on our equipment and it is working harder than ever. Taking a few moments to invest in the condition of your equipment. In addition, we must consider the impact that inconsistent and delayed supply chain issues are having on our business. Historically, getting replacement belts, electric motors, fan bearings, and pulleys has been relatively easy. That is clearly not so true today. Inspection and proper maintenance is now more important than ever.

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